Warranties & Policies


 Remanufactured parts are warranted for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase under normal operating conditions, against defects in material, and factory workmanship, providing proper installation methods are followed.

Warranty is limited to the replacement of the manufactured unit which fails during the warranty period. All claims will be disallowed if the unit has been tampered with or altered in anyway prior to our inspection. We will not accept any charges for repairs to an alleged defective unit or be held liable under any circumstances for oil, towing charges, labor, or time lost while unit is out of operation.

This warranty is strictly limited to replacement of the defective unit upon our inspection. All returns MUST be accompanied by a copy of the original invoice.

Return Policy:
 There will be a fifteen% (15%) restocking fee on all authorized return parts. Parts MUST be accompanied by a copy of the original invoice. Returns MUST be made within sixty (60) days from the date of the original invoice.

Core Charges:
 A call tag will be issued for all cores on the original invoice. Customer is to have cores boxed in a UPS approved container. Upon receipt of core(s), the core(s) will be inspected, then the core(s) refund will be issued. If the original invoice was paid with a credit card, the core(s) refund will be credited to your credit card account (unless otherwise specified by you the customer). All other refunds will be refunded by company check via mail.

Disclaimer on Upgrading Freight:
 Your kits and parts are filled to the best of our ability as to what kits and parts fit your order. If you order parts and there are missing, or parts are wrong and Northwest is at fault, we will send out the correct parts. Northwest pays the freight the way the parts were originally ordered. Any upgrades on shipping to Next Day Air is the customer's responsibility.

Disclaimer (Other):

Missing Parts (regarding kits):
 Some metal sealing rings in the automatic transmissions are not wearing. These non-wearing rings will not be in the kit unless you order them. The ones that wear out are the ones that will be in the kit. Standard shift ball bearing "locating" snap rings are non wearing (they fit on the outside perimeter of some ball bearings) and they will not be in the kit in most cases. Use the original "locating" snap rings over again.

Northwest will not pay shipping on the following:

1.Wrong parts ordered.
2.Wrong year parts ordered
3.Parts shipped on time, but not delivered on time.

Some large orders take time to fill and at times we have to find the parts elsewhere to complete an order, or parts have to be machined. If speed is important, ask "How soon can it be shipped".

We do our best to supply quality on time and at a reasonable price. This is our policy and our goal and we believe the foregoing disclaimers are fair and reasonable.

P.S. Many times the transmission you are working on is NOT the original transmission that came with the car or truck from the factory. This can be solved by the casting numbers located on the side of the transmission, tag numbers, and by other means. If you suspect that this may be the case, or want to know what model you have, please call us. A lot of things can happen from 1933 to the present.


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