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Flightpitch 1958 - 1959

Flightpitch 1958 - 1959
Flightpitch 1958 - 1959 Flightpitch 1958 - 1959
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Flightpitch 1958 - 1959

Special Instructions:

This unit has Dynaflow cast on the side of the case. You can tell it from the regular Dynaflow because it has an aluminum case, which the bell housing is part of. Please provide the Numbers and Letters(stamped on the bottom of the case)  in the OTHER COMMENTS section above.

Kit Types
Master Overhaul Kit Contains: Gaskets, Rubber Lip Seals, Rubber O-Rings, Friction(Lined) Clutches, Steel Clutches, Front Pump Seal, Extension Housing Seal, *Metal Sealing Rings ...... *NOTE: Metal Sealing Rings are only supplied in "Popular" or short sets as some are non-wearing. Please contact us if you need all metal sealing rings, which are available at an additional cost.
Less Steel Kit Contains the same as the Master Overhaul Kit minus the steel clutches
Gaskets, Rubber, Seal, & Rings Contains the same as the Master Overhaul Kit minus steel clutches and friction (lined) clutches.
External Seal-Up Kit Stops external leaks only. Contains: External gaskets, Front Pump Seal, Extension Housing Seal, Converter gasket O-Ring, Selector & TV Seal.
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