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Welcome to NORTHWEST TRANSMISSION PARTS - where we go back in time EVERY DAY to provide you with the parts you need to restore your classic car or truck transmission. We carry transmission parts for ANY car or light truck ever made in the USA!  Just click on a manufacturer above to find the automatic transmission kit you need or, GIVE US A CALL, if you need more "SPECIALIZED" service. 

We can DEFINITELY help with those hard to find parts. WE HAVE TONS OF PARTS READY TO SHIP - including an endless inventory of clutches, pressure plates, pumps, drums,bands, torque converters, thrust washers, gears, kits, and more! If we don't have it, we'll find it. If we can't find it, we'll MAKE IT in our on-site machine shop!

At Northwest Transmission Parts, we don't just sell transmission parts - we KNOW transmission parts!



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 Aluminum Case T-35 1962-1966
 Aluminum Case T-35 1962-1966 SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS The T-35 can be identified b..
Aluminum Powerglide 1962-1972
Aluminum Powerglide 1962-1972 Special Instructions: Case is made of aluminum having a bottom p..
Aluminum, 16 Bolt Pan, 1962-1972
Aluminum, 16 Bolt Pan, 1962-1972 Special Instructions: PLEASE CALL for Master Overhaul Kit.&nb..
Cast Iron Powerglide 1958-1962
Cast Iron Powerglide 1958-1962 Special Instructions: Both case and bell housing are made of ca..
Cast Iron, Model 8, 1962-1971
Cast Iron, Model 8, 1962-1971 Special Instruction: Model 8 has N8 cast on case, 14-bolt pan an..
Dynaflow 1961 - 1963 (except skylark)
Dynaflow 1961 - 1963 (except skylark) Special Instructions: 1961-1963 Skylark came w..
Special Dualpath (skylark) 1961-1963
Special Dualpath (skylark) 1961-1963 Special Instructions: 1961-1963 Skylark came with a Speci..
TorqueCommand Alum. 727 1962-1972
TorqueCommand Alum. 727 1962-1972 SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: 727 has an aluminum case with a 1..
TorqueFlight Aluminum 727 1962-1972
TorqueFlight Aluminum 727 1962-1972 This unit has an aluminum case with a 14-bolt pan.   ..
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